Birthday’s and Pizza contests

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. Truman turns 21 and the family is having a party.

Here’s the deal. It’s not just any ‘ole party, it’s a pizza competition. Each sibling and their spouse has to bring a homemade pizza. At the end of the night, everyone will anonymously vote and the winner gets two free movie tickets and free babysitting from my mother.

I will win.

Joel and I talked long and hard about what type of pizza to make. We decided on a deep dish. We normally only make ultra thin crust (he is from NY) but wanted to shock everyone and go with a thick, deep dish pie.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the grand event. For now, Here are some other pizzas I have made.

When Joel and I were throwing out an idea of starting a pizza shop, this was one that would’ve definitely been on the menu. Alas, we do not have a pizza shop, but this pizza is definitely worth trying. So delicious!

Go ahead. Make it for your family one morning. They will love you for it. We have tried bacon as well as sausage. They both work.

  1. Lindsay wenth said:

    So who won?!

    • sorgefamily said:

      Lindsay, the contest is tonight. Ill let everyone know late tonight or tomorrow. Ha, I am so not going to win. 😦

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