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My name is Anna Sorge. I have the privilege of being married to a wonderful man, Joel. We have 4 children, Audrey Elizabeth, Noah Daniel, Alexander Michael, and Maxwell Finney. We are intercessory missionaries here at IHOP Kansas City. I have been in Kansas City for 25 years and Joel and I have been apart of the House of Pray for 11 years. We both did the Onething Internship in 2001, fell in love, and married in March 2004.

I am passionate to raise my children to be lovers of Jesus and to hunger and thirst after righteousness.

My second passion in life is for baking. Well, really all things food related. I love cooking and baking and smelling up my house with lovely aromas!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and I hope that it inspires you to love Jesus and love life. Bless you!



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  1. Evan Luton said:

    Hi there! i am curious about what your life looks like as an intercessory missionary at IHOP? We live in Texas and my husband and I follow IHOP stuff online and his dream would be to be an intercessor there at IHOP. So i was just wondering what that looks like for families. We have two little girls and i am sure we will add to that soon 🙂 Is that your primary income or do you work other jobs? I know this is totally random, that some girl from TX is emailing you, but i came across your blog after following some other blogs off dana candler’s blog. Thanks for any info or advice you would be willing to give about your lives as intercessory missionaries with young kids. Your blog is great and it truly blesses me to read! Thanks again, Evan

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